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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mixed Up Valentine Dinner

I have no clue where this idea originated. I got it from my sister who did it in her neighborhood. I did it with couples from my church many, many years ago. My daughter did this dinner with a group of her friends for a girl's choice dance a few years ago in high school. As long as you are with a group of people with a good sense of humor, it is a lot of fun.

As everyone sits down at the tables, they are given a menu. The items on the menu are not easily identifiable. All items, including utensils, are listed as menu items. Each person chooses five items for each of four courses. All selections for each course are chosen at the beginning of the dinner, before anyone is served. Nobody knows what they will be served and each person gets a different thing at each course. Someone could end up with all utensils and no food in one course. Or they might end up with some very sloppy food and nothing to eat it with. They may end up with dessert first and the main course last. You will probably need a lot of help in the kitchen.

Every time I have been to a party like this, everyone has had fun. It's probably not a great idea if your party is a formal event.

My daughter's dance was called "Dog Patch", the theme was a "little Abner" dance. That's why they called their pretend restaurant "Daisy Mae's Diner". But you can call it anything you want.

You can get a printable copy of the menu here and here.

This is the menu:
(don't write the name of the real item on the menu)

1. Chip Off the Old Block---------tooth pick
2. Manure Spreader-------------fork
3. Eve's Delight------------------apple juice
4. Jack Frost---------------------ice cream
5. Drunken Log------------------large pickle
6. Good and Plenty--------------main course (spaghetti)
7. White Cloud------------------marshmallow
8. Greaser----------------------knife
9. Twiggy-----------------------pretzel
10. Jacob's Well-----------------water
11. Square----------------------napkin
12. Sticky Stuff-----------------cake
13. Underground Icicle---------carrot stick
14. Gold Water-----------------orange juice
15. Rooster Tail----------------fruit cocktail
16. Greenbacks----------------rolls
17. Pucker Power--------------lemon pie
18. Lover's Delight-------------spoon
19. conglomerate--------------tossed salad
20. Popeye's Friend-----------olive
21. Nervous Pudding----------jello

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