Marriage is the best thing in my life. When we openly and privately express our love for each other it only serves to strengthen our relationships. When I am actively thinking of ways to tell my husband how much I love him, it makes me love him more. I realize how happy he makes me and I appreciate everything about him. I see things and think, "How can I use that object to tell him I love him?" This makes me think of him all the time. It makes our marriage stronger and it makes us both happier.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Glamour Gloves

These made me laugh. I actually got these for my birthday from some friends. But I think they would make a cute Valentine as well. It would be great for your mother or sister or daughter of best friend. It probably wouldn't be great for your husband, unless you are my daughter, who gives her husband things she wants. She gave him an ice cream scoop with a note that said, "Here's the scoop, I love you".

Buy a pair of rubber gloves (preferably pink or purple). Glue a piece of feather boa around the top. Use a good glue that is flexable and water proof, like E6000.

You can put a note with it that says something like, "I can count on you for a helping hand", or "Hands down, You're a great friend".

These almost make me excited to go scrub the toilet.

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