Marriage is the best thing in my life. When we openly and privately express our love for each other it only serves to strengthen our relationships. When I am actively thinking of ways to tell my husband how much I love him, it makes me love him more. I realize how happy he makes me and I appreciate everything about him. I see things and think, "How can I use that object to tell him I love him?" This makes me think of him all the time. It makes our marriage stronger and it makes us both happier.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's fun to make your own valentines on the computer. If you can find the Broderbund CreatACard software or Broderbund Printshop, they help you make great cards. However, CreatACard is out of production so if you don't have it, and you want it you'll have to find it on eBay or someplace. It was one of my favorite programs, so it makes me kind of sad that they don't make it anymore. Hallmark also makes a card program. It's not as verstile, but it still works.
Another thing that will make your Valentines more fun, is cute Valentine Fonts. There are a lot of them available for free on the internet. Just type "free fonts" in your search engine. Look for Valentines, Hearts or Love in the search box at the site and see what you come up with. I have put links to some of my favorites in the column on the left. You'll have to click on them to see what they look like. If you click on the "heartbreaker " it will take you to a site that has a lot of other fonts on it, too. Mix them up. Color them. Fonts are just a lot of fun!

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